14 Fleece DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

The season of spookiness is upon us once again, and it’s time to dream up the perfect Halloween costume for you and your little ones. We’ve gathered up 14 great DIY costumes from some of our favorite bloggers, and we know you’ll love them!

1. Fabulous Halloween Hats

These fleece hats from FleeceFun.com are not only adorable, they’ll help keep your kiddos warm during the sometimes chilly Halloween nights.

via FleeceFun.com

2. Fleece Superhero Capes

These fun, colorful superhero capes are perfect for little children with BIG imaginations. Even better, Shannon provides patterns for Superman, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin!


via DownShannonLane.com

3. Good/Evil DIY Minion Hats

If your kids are big fans of “Despicable Me,” then you have just found the perfect costume for this Halloween. This great tutorial features patterns for Gru’s good yellow minions as well as El Macho’s wild purple minions.

Another Big Bite - DIY Minion Hats2

via AnotherBigBite.com

4. Classic Wizard Costume

A popular choice way before the days of Harry Potter, this wizard costume is perfect for boys and girls who are looking for a touch of magic this Halloween!

via Lets-Explore.net

5. DIY Knight’s Tunic

A simple and fun costume that’s perfect for kids of all ages! Even better, this crusader could be a “Knight of the Round Table” and make a great companion to a “Merlin,” using the wizard costume above.

via PrudentBaby.com

6. Mario Brothers Halloween Hats

Your kids may be too young to know what it means to be “stuck” playing with Luigi, but they will still love dressing up as the Super Mario Brothers. This pattern works perfectly with either red or green fleece. All you need to do is add a pair of blue overalls and a mustache!

via GiversLog.com

7. Fleece Robin Hood Costume

Jen from JenSpends hit a major home run with this awesome (and surprisingly easy) Robin Hood costume. It looks great and will keep your little ones warm throughout the evening!

Boys homemade Robin Hood costume

via JenSpends.com


8. Adorable Fleece Puppy Costumes

These costumes are one part cute, two parts sweet, and about five parts adorable. The only downside about costumes this wonderful is that you may never want to take them off of your kids!

via ThisHeartofMineBlog.com

9. Cuddly King of the Jungle

This sweet DIY lion costume is not so much fierce as it is snuggly and wonderful. It’s quick to make and it will have everyone you meet saying, “awww.”

Snuggly Lion Halloween Costume

via TasteofHome.com

10. DIY Fleece Frankenstein

Don’t want to spend hours on messy makeup this Halloween? Try this great fleece Frankenstein head and your problems are solved! Just add a black shirt and slacks, and you’re ready for a great Halloween.


via deliacreates.com

11. Easy Fleece Alien & Robot

Victoria at VixenMade has put together a pair of creative costumes that are perfect for your little ones this Halloween. In fact, they look great together or as individual costumes!

via via VixenMade.com

12. DIY Fleece Yellow Minions

Adorable, simple, and warm. What more could you need this Halloween? These minion hats are easy to make and use almost 100% fleece. We think you’ll love them!

via StayatHomeArtist.com

13. DIY Princess Anna Cape

Disney’s “Frozen” was one of the most popular movies of the last few years. This snow princess cape - inspired by Princess Anna - will make your little ones feel like a princess this Halloween!

via FleeceFun

14. Adorable Cupcake Costume

This cupcake pattern can be used for kids of any age, but we think it will look especially adorable on younger children! You’ll love this costume and we have a feeling that they will, too.

via LemonTreeCreations

BONUS - Pet Halloween Costumes

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to share these hilarious and cute pet halloween costumes. If you have a furry friend or two, you’ll get a big kick out of these 24 creative costumes!

via Buzzfeed.com

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