Baby with Fleece Blanket

When the weather outside is cold and snow is on the ground, some of the most delightful activities involve snuggling up on the couch, a nice, warm fleece blanket, a great movie, a big cup of hot cocoa and cookies. For this reason, fleece blankets are very popular to enjoy during the colder months of the year. The warm, fuzzy invitation is pretty hard for many to resist. There are many people who love making their own fleece blankets. Completing a DIY project with a fleece blanket is a great way to really enjoy a blanket because it was created from scratch and made with love. A special item like a fleece blanket requires unique flair when it is prepared from scratch. For a few blanket ideas, consider this list of fun DIYs.

1. Fleece Tie Blankets

One of the most popular blankets to make now is the fleece tie blanket. Many crafters who try this blanket enjoy the fact that it doesn't involve a sewing machine. It is the most inexpensive way to construct an appealing fleece blanket. It is also the least time-consuming. The time component is often considered a positive attribute for those who desire instant gratification!

In order to create a fleece tie blanket, cut out two large squares of fleece fabric. Make sure they're perfectly identical in length and width. Lay both squares on top of each other and cut off each corner of the fabric. There should be a perfect square-shaped cut-off at each corner. Afterward, go along the perimeter of the fabric and cut out even strips. They don't need to be exquisitely perfect, but all four sides of the fabric must have slits. Once the strips are cut, overlap the strips and tie them together.

2. Fleece Blanket with a Crocheted Edge

For anyone who thoroughly enjoys the art of crochet, this blanket idea is a treat. A crochet edge to the end of a fleece blanket adds such intricate detail and finishes the fleece off in an unexpected way. For anyone who is a beginner to crochet, there are tons of detailed tutorials on the Internet. There are plenty of great resources with easy-to-follow steps in the crochet process.

3. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Who says a fleece blanket must be in a simple square shape? Put on the creative cap and construct different shapes for a blanket that doubles as a sleeping bag. A popular blanket for young girls is in the shape of a mermaid's tail. Little girls love the ability to snuggle into a blanket in the shape of some of their favorite Disney characters like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. After picking out fleece colors suitable for a mermaid's tail, lay the material down and cut the pieces into a perfect tail shape off. Make sure the material is long enough to cover the legs and torso before cutting. Sew both sides together and leave the top open so a little one can snuggle inside like a sleeping bag!

4. Fleece Blanket with Minky Lining

Be prepared to pull out the sewing machine with this particular blanket. This project involves mixing fleece with another snug material called Minky. Minky fabric is very similar to fleece fabric. It is extremely soft and is usually a little thicker than fleece fabric. For those unfamiliar with Minky fabric, pick up the nearest baby blanket in a nursery and marvel at its softness. It is probably made of Minky fabric. Minky fabric is lovely to use as a liner for any fleece blanket. When someone wraps up in one of these blankets, they will feel like they're sleeping within a soft cloud of pillows.

Minky fabric is incredibly durable. As a result of its durability, it can be pretty difficult to sew through. Using a sewing machine to get through both the Minky and fleece fabrics will be a true test of patience. Fortunately, the finished product is worth the effort. For a polished look, the sewing machine does the trick. Anyone who prefers to try it without the sewing machine can try the no-sew routine for a blanket that is still really soft and warm.

5. No-Sew Weighted Blanket

The no-sew routine continues to be a mainstay throughout these fleece blanket projects. This last blanket is an extra special one. For those who are new to this concept, a weighted blanket is not the average blanket. Weighted blankets are often used by occupational therapists specifically for children dealing with attention disorders or appear on the spectrum of autism. There are times when the children will experience bouts of high energy. In an effort to calm them down, a weighted blanket is a tool many therapists use. Typically, a weighted blanket can range between $70 and $100 a pop. Alternatively, a great option is to make a weighted blanket and cover it in fleece! The process involves filling the blankets with strategically placed plastic bags. The plastic bags are usually filled with rice. The rice bags give the fleece the significant weight it needs to do the job.

These ideas are just a few of the interesting ways to use fleece to get creative and snuggle up. Whether a sewing machine, needle and thread or the no-sew technique get chosen, with lots of patience and dedication, any fleece masterpiece is sure to leave one lucky person snug as a bug in a rug!

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