At YourFleece.com, perhaps our favorite thing is when groups come to us to get fleece for charity projects. A couple of months ago, Adam emailed us with an inquiry about making blankets for those in need with his Living Word Youth Group in Missouri. We were thrilled about the project, and even happier when we saw the results in this video below. We wanted to say thank you to Adam and all the young people that helped make this happen for those less fortunate in St. Louis, truly inspirtational work...

"On January 16th, 70 students from St. Louis came to make blankets for the St. Louis Winter Outreach Group.  These fleece blankets will be given to folks in warming shelters and on the streets of St. Louis when it is 20 degrees or colder."

Here's them in action: (May load faster and smoother on link below)

Also see the video here: Blanket Making 2011 

Blanket Making 2011 from Living Word on Vimeo.

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