Did you know that YourFleece can make ready made blankets with almost any of our prints or solids? We try to provide as much as possible to our customers, and we're now offering the ability to purchase ready made blankets rather than the raw fabric. This is sort of an insider service, and will just be for those in the know ;)

We realize that using the fabric to make your own creation is half the fun, and so this is for those who occassionally need a pre-made blanket, need to have a lot of blankets made and don't quite have the workforce, or whatever the reason may be. They will be simple rolled over and finished edges, and we can make custom sizes and single layers, print/solid combinations, or whatever you need! The pricing will vary, and we will not have them as products on the site, so please just email us whenever you're interested and we can let you know the details! Also, let us know your thoughts on this below, it's a bit of a test and we like to collaborate with our customers as you're probably aware by now =)

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