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Traditions are one the best things about the holidays. And what could be a more fun and wholesome tradition that making your own personal stocking to hang over the mantle on Christmas Eve. Here’s a free download of a stocking pattern with some additional decorative stencils for you to print, cutout, and use to make your own fleece fabric, holiday stocking(s).

Supplies you’ll need: Fleece fabric, sewing machine, scissors, fabric glue


Step 1: Choose Fabric

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Pick out some fleece fabric. Remember you need fabric for each of the main features of the stocking, and one of them should contrast. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Body — Red, anti-pill, heavyweight fleece fabric makes a classic stocking body.

  • Cuff —  A color to contrast or accentuate the body, consider sherpa fleece.

  • Stencils — Pick a bright fleece fabric that really pops out against the body.


Step 2: Print & Cut

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Download, print, and cutout our free stocking pattern and stencils.


Step 3: Trace

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Lay the cutout stocking pattern(s) onto your chosen body fabric and pin in place. Trace around the pattern with a water-based marker, unpin pattern, and cut out stocking body from fabric. Remember, you’ll end up needing 2 of these. Follow the same process with cuff pattern and fabric, or simply cut out two strips of cuff material 3-4 inches wide, and as long as the stocking body is wide.


Step 4: Cut Out Handle

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Cut an extra piece of fabric from the stocking body or cuff material about ? inches wide and 3 inches long.


Step 5: Stitch Cuff & Stocking Body

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Lay the stocking body pieces flat with the inside facing up. Lay the cuff pieces outside-up, so that the long edge of the cuff overlaps about ? inches onto the top edge of the stocking, and so that the ends of the cuff pieces align with the sides of the stocking pieces. Pin the pieces together along the overlap and stitch the seam together with a sewing machine. (You need to end up with 2 of these.)


Step 6: Add Handle

Christmas Stocking_Step 6.jpg

Fold the extra piece of fabric lengthwise and lay the matched ends together into the seam between the cuff and the stocking body opposite the stocking toe, so that the looped section extends out at about a 45 degree angle and pin in place so that the seam stitching will capture the ends.


Step 7: Pin & Sew

Christmas Stocking_Step 7.jpg

Lay the two halves of the stocking together with the insides of the stocking out and the outsides of the cuffs inward. The loop should also be inward at this point. Match the edges and pin together. Stitch the two halves together remembering not to sew the top opening shut. (If you’re a heavy stocking stuffer consider double stitching, or zigzag stitching for strength.) Once stitched, turn the stocking right-side out and fold the cuff down into its proper position.


Step 8: Decorate

Christmas Stocking_Step 8.jpg

Cut out decorative pieces from the included stencils, apply fabric glue to the inside and apply them to both sides of the stocking as you see fit.


Step 9: Dry & Hang

Christmas Stocking_Step 9.jpg

Cover with something flat and heavy, like a stack of books and leave overnight to dry.

There you have it! Your own custom, fleece fabric stocking to enjoy for many Christmases to come.


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