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Well, it's that time again... time to give away more fleece that is! Thank you so much for all the blog comments, Facebook posts, emails and phone calls with ideas for the giveaway, they were ALL taken into consideration.

There's an overwhelming amount of support for a contest specifically related to those who use fleece for donating and other service projects. We've decided that our next giveaway will be exclusively for this, however so that we can include EVERYONE this time around, we're doing something different.

How To Enter

Here's the deal: If you haven't already "liked" us on Facebook, please do. Then post a picture of anything you've made with fleece (purchased from anywhere) on our Facebook page. Don't just post anything however as this is a contest, and you'll be "battling" against other crafters for the most likes. ANYONE can win, simply posting gets you 1 entry into the random drawing at the end of the contest. For every "like" your entry gets on Facebook, you score another entry into the drawing, and thus your odds go up of winning the big prize! Everyone and anyone can "like" as many entries as they choose, no limits there. Once again if you don't have Facebook but would like to enter, please email us at [email protected] with your images and we'll throw 'em up on Facebook for all to see.

Anything goes, blankets, toys, dog coats, Halloween costumes, whatever you got! The winner will be chosen and announced next Friday. Again, that's for any $100 worth of fabric at retail prices, delivered to your door free of charge!!!

P.S. Robin, you've won the pre-giveaway giveaway for your idea, we'll be in touch to redeem your free 5 yards!

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