Wonderful! I am so grateful for this opportunity!! 

You can see my blog post about trying to get monetary donations for cat food since I have been without a job since June: 


I started caring for the unwanted cats in my neighborhood when I moved back to my SE KS home town in 2000. I went through a number of years caring for and finding homes for kittens. A wonderful low cost organization:


has helped me afford to spay and neuter over the last 5 years. That is about the time that I realized I was running my own "neighborhood shelter" and decided to call my advocacy mission PAWS of SEK - Protect All Wandering Souls of Southeast Kansas. I have been able to decrease the amount of unwanted kittens in my neighborhood. There are always new cats introduced each year. It will always be a never ending effort. 

I make cat shelters for strays and the ones I care for. I've recently set up a baby changing table for "bunk beds" inside my home so that the cats can look out the window. I'll be using some of the fleece to make long pillow cases to cover old blankets I have collected from friends for the cats.

I donate my Graphic Design services for our local animal shelter, Proud Animal Lovers Shelter; which I joined forces with other concerned pet lovers to help save from closing. It is thriving now. I will be donating some pet beds to the shelter. 

I also donate my Graphic Design services to our new BARC Club that has worked with the city to open a City Dog Park. For about 8 years I have donated my services to design flyers and newspaper ads for the annual Blessing of the Animals in our community. 

In August 2012, I worked with a friend to start a new community actions group called Citizens for a Better Parsons. A few of our goals are to provide the youth much needed places to socialize and also provide dorm living above new entrepreneur businesses so that college students can learn to run a business and also be close to the college. 

My parents just bought the small office building next to my home so I now have the opportunity to set up my business that I have been stockpiling supplies and machines to launch Sew Lambitious. 

I deeply appreciate winning the YourFleece fabrics to provide attractive bedding for all the animals I care for and also for the local shelter. And I can't forget my grandsons... they will be sporting Madagascar Performing PJs! 

 Thank you YourFleece!


Kelly Lamb

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