"I am sure you heard about the terrible tornado damage in the south. There is a selfless woman who was greatly involved in animal rescue who's entire home, vehicles, and all of her small pets were hit. Her entire house was leveled, yesterday only 1 of her 10 guinea pigs, and none of her 16 rats (all rescues) were found. As of this morning it sounds like more were found amongst the wreckage, but not many were living as you can imagine. Marsha has 2 children, one daughter was in ICU because she broke her shoulder and punctured her lung, Marsha bruised her breastbone from clinging so tightly to her children, the family dog lost its eye. It's just awful, they have lost absolutely everything. She has an online business making fleece creations for guinea pigs and rats: http://www.cozycavy.com/She had just added on an entire sewing room to her home and had a huge selection of fleece and fabrics that was all completely lost. The sewing was her life, her business, and her livelihood. You can imagine what it will be to replace everything. In a time like this, everyone needs to rally together and do what they can to help with this awful tragedy. Another woman wrote this story that kind of summarizes everything that happened:  http://dianastaresinicdeane.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/the-story-of-a-tornado-a-family-a-dog-rats-a-herd-of-guinea-pigs-and-an-online-community/ and here is a site that was set up to collect donations for her family: http://sponsoraguineapig.blogspot.comEveryone in the small animal community is pulling together to help their family out."


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