How To Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Winter

With the winter quickly approaching, the temperatures are beginning to drop for weather that can be expected to be harsh. From strong winds to heavy snow, it can be easy to spend the season indoors and stay cozy with the heat that's available. To prevent too much dependency on the heater to keep the property warm, there are a number of ways to lower your energy bill and keep costs down this winter.

Insulation and Weatherproofing

Nearly 40 percent of the household energy consumption in the U.S. goes toward space heating. But one of the most common ways that energy is wasted is through heat that escapes cracks and areas that are not properly sealed in the home. This can add up to hundreds of extra dollars wasted in the winter, making it important to add extra insulation wherever it’s possible, and also by weather stripping all doors and windows with foam to make they are well sealed off. This will keep heat inside of the property for long periods of time and will also prevent cold air from entering through cracks or holes.

Lower the Thermostat

To reduce your energy bill by up to 10 percent during the season, reduce your thermostat by 10 degrees during the night. You can stay warm by using a few fleece blankets while you sleep and investing in cheap fleece fabric to stay cozy. Space heaters can also be used to keep you warm as you lay in bed for an energy-efficient way of heating a small area instead of the whole room, except that you have to remember that space heaters may save you money on heating fuel like natural gas, but they consume almost unimaginable amounts of electricity. So if you don’t use those thoughtfully, you may not conserve any of your energy expenses at all.

Close Vents to Unused Rooms

To reduce the amount of energy that is used throughout the house when trying to heat the space, it's important to close off vents to unused rooms. Instead of spending extra money to heat an office, basement, or spare bedroom, focus on areas of the home that you'll be spending the most time in during the winter.

Maintain the Furnace

Before winter arrives, make it a point to clean your furnace and replace a filter that may be on its last leg. All kinds of dust builds up in the furnace and ductwork, which not only saps the efficiency of heat transfer, combustion and airflow, it can also be a fire hazard. Also check to see if you need to remove any furniture or personal belongings that may be blocking the furnace, or vents and obstructing heat from being circulated when its turned on.

Use LED Lights

Most people enjoy decorating their home for the holidays and using lights on the roof and the Christmas tree. Instead of foregoing a common tradition that is festive on the property to save energy, switch to LED lights, which use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. The lights are also more durable and less prone to break or malfunction, making for an easier solution to decorating and illuminating different features in the space.

When it comes to enjoying the winter season, having a high energy bill can make it difficult to enjoy keeping warm and cozy. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce your usage without cutting too many corners. By making small adjustments to your HVAC system and adding extra insulation to the space, it's possible to remain comfortable and stay within your budget.

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