Who says that summer parties have to cost a fortune? Using cheap fleece fabric and common household items, you can create a lot of child­centered fun. Consider these seven frugal activities for making your next kids summer party something they will remember.

Craft No-­Sew Fleece Goody Bags

Craft Projects are an easy way to engage kids. They also love being able to create their own unique keepsake. To get them started, you'll need a couple of yards of fleece fabric. Pre­cut the fleece into 12 by 18 inch squares and fold in half. Cut two inch slits up the sides of each folded square.

During the party, give each child a square. Show the kids how to tie the fleece strips into knots, forming the sides. When they're finished, fill the goody bags with candy or other take home treasures.

Backyard Bowling

Using empty, plastic water or soda bottles, you can create a fun bowling game. Simply fill the bottles with tap water and add a couple of drops of food coloring to each one. It looks best if you use multiple colors. At party time, simply set the bottles up on a sidewalk or patio and give the kids a ball. Have them form a line and take turns trying to knock down the pins.

Bubble Mania

If you've managed to accumulate plenty of bubble wands, you can make use of them by setting up a bubble station. Mix up a batch of homemade bubble solution using a half of a cup of corn syrup, one cup of dish washing liquid and one and a half quarts of water. Put it in an inexpensive ice tea dispenser that has a spigot on the bottom. Set the dispenser out on a table along with plastic cups and the bubble wands. The kids can help themselves to oodles of bubble blowing fun.

Digging For Treasure

This activity requires a few bags of cheap bulk toys. You can usually find these at any store that sells party supplies. Bead necklaces, sunglasses, plastic dinosaurs and army men are popular choices. Simply dump them into your sandbox and set out a couple of plastic scoops. If you don't have a sandbox, you can always use a wide mouth bucket.

Water Pinata

The water pinata is loads of fun, but make sure parents know their child is going to get wet. Just fill several balloons with water and tie them together. Hang it from a tree or post. Using a bat or broom handle, let each child take turns whacking the balloons. This idea is so inexpensive that you can make several pinatas.

Balloon Stomp

Are you wondering what you can do with all those left over balloons? How about creating another game? Simply give each child a deflated balloon and a piece of string. Have them blow the balloon up and tie it around their ankles. The goal is to stomp on other people's balloons. The child who survives the longest without getting his or her balloon popped wins.

Eskimo Race

This is one of the easiest games you can play and children love it. All you need for the Eskimo Race is a bunch of ice cubes and willing participants. Each child holds an ice cube on the back of his or her hand. The one that can stand the cold the longest wins. To make the game last a little longer, you can split the kids up into teams and have them compete against each other.

As you can see, it's not difficult to create a fun filled party on a budget. The best thing about these activities is the novelty. Many parents become so focused on food and pricey entertainment that they forget to include simple fun. The childhood memories you can create with frugal party games are sure to last a lifetime.

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