We’re in the middle of summer fun and it’s worth asking, “What fun summer crafts can keep the good times going?” Here are six summer DIY fleece fabric projects that will scratch that crafting itch as well as enhance summer activities for everyone.

1. Fleece Sheets For Toddler Sized Bed

Who doesn’t love the unbelievable comfort of fleece sheets? Pieces By Polly has a great fleece sheets tutorial to teach you how to make toddler sized fleece sheets that will undoubtedly keep your child cool and comfortable during those hot summer months.
Fleece Sheets For Toddler Sized Bed

2. Fleece Vest For Toddlers

Does your child like to run off and play games with the other neighborhood kids like cops and robbers or army? Fleece vests like those from Made By Marzipan may be the perfect addition to the game to really crank up the imaginary fun.

In their tutorial, Made By Marzipan makes camouflage fleece vests, which could help divide teams and make outdoor games seem that much more real to the kids as they play. Nothing says summer fun like running around the neighborhood playing cops and robbers in black and blue fleece vests.
Fleece Vest For Toddlers

3. Fleece Shorts For Toddlers

You know what goes great with a vest? Fleece shorts. Making a full uniform would undoubtedly make outdoor play more fun.

Fleece shorts aren’t just restricted to play however.

Fleece shorts make for a comfortable, lightweight alternative to traditional cotton. Fleece Fun’s 20 minute fleece short tutorial gives easy-peasy advice on how to make fleece shorts that toddlers and kids are bound to appreciate during the hot summer months.
Fleece Shorts For Toddlers

4. Fleece Robe

You know what’s comfortable? Robes.

Do you know what’s more comfortable than a robe? Fleece robes.

Designer’s Sweet Spot’s fleece robe tutorial is simple and easy to follow. According to their instructions, a fleece robe should take less than an hour to make but we’re here to tell you that you’ll enjoy your robe for much longer than that.
Fleece Robe

5. Fleece Sleeping Bag with Pack

Camping is a common, summer activity that people both young and old enjoy.

The problem is, not all sleeping bags can be used for both summer and winter. Winter bags are meant to retain a lot of heat which can make them unbearable during summer camping.

Luckily, Fleece Fun has come up with a solution for this problem with their fleece sleeping bag tutorial. A fleece sleeping bag is enough to keep you covered but still airy enough to keep you cool during a hot summer trip. Also, a fleece sleeping bag is incredibly lightweight which makes it much easier to carry as one hikes to their camping spot.
Fleece Sleeping Bag

6. Fleece Pillow Case

Nothing says comfort more than a good pillow and nothing can enhance a pillow’s comfort like a fleece pillow case. Gluesticks’ three step fleece pillow case tutorial is simple with easy to follow instructions.

According to Gluesticks, each fleece pillowcase only needs a yard of fleece fabric and will leave you just enough afterwards to make either a scarf or a pair of hand warmers. This tutorial is super easy and will make your pillow a wonderfully soft place to lay your head at night. The fleece case is also easy to keep cool.
Fleece Pillow Case
Image credit: http://gluesticksblog.com/


There’s a lot you can do with fleece that will help keep things light, cool and comfortable this summer. From fleece sleeping bags to fleece vests and everything in between, these easy to follow fleece crafting projects will enhance your summer fun and give it a little something extra.

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