We just can't seem to stop giving away free fabric at YourFleece! Just like all of our previous giveaways, there's truly no strings attached. In one week, we will draw a winner at random, and that winner will get $100 worth of fleece (at retail prices), plus shipping to your door, absolutely free! Here's the rules this time:

1. Please "Like Us" on Facebook if you haven't already... We're likable right? Oh, and we won't hold it against you if you don't have a Facebook account :)

2. Please comment on this post with one piece of constructive criticism for us on anything related to YourFleece.com. This can be anything from; "Please carry more puppy prints!", to "I don't like the font on your website." We just want to know how to improve, and there's no one better to tell us than you. Please make sure you comment, that's where the winner will be drawn from...

We thank you again for your continued support, all of us at YourFleece are extremely grateful to be in business =)

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