Nicole Ellsworth - Four kids. Crazy. Chaotic. Unconditional LOVE.

Congratulations Nicole, $20 worth of fabric and Free Shipping is yours!!! Though your response was picked at random, we must say we're glad we picked one that we loved :)

Though these didn't win the contest, we thought they were worth mentioning cause they're just so dang good. BTW, we LOVED so many of them, and appreciated them all, but we just can't mention them all can we!!!???

Our Favorite (hard to choose): Melissa - My Grandmother's hands work through me.

Most Humorous (we thought): Monnette - Professional worrier. It just might happen.

Thanks to everyone for participating. Please let us know if you like the giveaways, like the 6 Word Memoirs we mentioned, and hey, throw more out if you're inspired :)

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