Gratitude is pretty important to us here at YourFleece.com. We realize the holidays tend to be all about buy buy buy from stores like us, so we decided to flip it around this year. This Christmas/Hanukah/Holiday season, we're giving away $125 worth of fabric to one lucky fabric lover!!! 10 days from today, we'll announce a winner via the newsletter, and that person will get to choose $125 worth of fabric from our site (at retail prices), delivered to his or her door free of charge. This will be the 4th and final giveaway of the year, we've had such a great time with them so far. Here's your mission, if you choose to accept it (it's really easy trust us):

1. Comment on our Facebook wall with at least one thing you're grateful for...

Thats it :). Oh, if you don't have Facebook, don't worry, please just reply to the newsletter email with your note of gratitude, and we'll post it for you!

YourFleece is extremely grateful for our creative and friendly customers, our loving families (including pets), and for the chance to do what we love every day.

Good luck!!!

Past Winners:




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