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How To Use Your Fabric Well

Tips For Caring For Fleece

  • Fleece DOESN’T shrink so there is no need to pre-treat fleece, you can start your new fleece project immediately!
  • Wash fleece in lukewarm water avoiding bleach and fabric softener. For drying, use low heat for a short time.
  • Pressing fleece fabric is NOT recommended. While constructing your project, if pressing becomes necessary, hold iron above fleece and steam, using fingers, to press seam flat. Direct contact with iron may create a permanent imprint on fleece.


Tips For Finding The "Right Side" Of Fleece

  • Before starting a project, determine the right side of the fleece fabric, pull on the cut edges of the fabric in both directions, fleece will stretch more on the cross grain. Once you have determined the edge with the most stretch, continue to pull gently, the fleece will curl to the wrong side.


Tips For A No Sew Fleece Blanket

  • The main fleece piece and contrast fleece piece should have opposite directions of stretch, to make fringe easier to tie.
  • Fringe for ties should be 1" wide by 3" long for best result.
  • Cut fringe for main fleece and contrast fleece together so you have matching fringe to tie. The preferable method used to cut fringe is with a rotary cutter.


Tips For Finishing Fleece

  • Fleece is a non-fraying fabric, (the raw edges do not need to be finished). There are many ways to decoratively finish a fleece fabric: binding, hemming, fringe, beaded fringe, appliqué, blanket stitch, embroidery, quilting or using decorative rotary blades to create an edge shape. The ways of finishing a fleece project or garment is only limited by your imagination.