Jennifer Sawyer from Michigan!!!!

Congratulations Jen, you just won $100 worth of free fabric from YourFleece! We're sure you'll put it to very good use!!!

Please check out Jen's winning photo here, those crafts are simply adorable! Jen's actually a long time customer of YourFleece, and we're very glad to see her win! Just FYI, we took everyone who posted, multiplied their name by the amount of "likes" their picture got, and entered the info into a program called "The Hat" which selected Jen's name at random. We like to be transparent here at YF =)

We are SO grateful to everyone that shared a photo with the rest of the community. We get ridiculously excited about these giveaways, and though we wish EVERYONE could win, we feel better knowing there will be many more giveaways to come...

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