We came across this site the other day, and thought it might be helpful for those of us that work with fleece. It's got some great pointers for sewing (or not sewing) with the fabric, as well as some cool yet simple projects. Some of it may be pretty basic for you, but even some of us that consider ourselves seasoned sewing veterans learned a thing or two :) Here's a sample below:

Fleece First: Important things you should know before starting your first project.

• Fleece has a nap, so make sure you have enough fabric to lay all your pattern pieces in one direction. Otherwise you may see a difference in shading.
• Fleece also has a right and wrong side. This is important because the right side is often clearer, but also, if a finish is applied to the fabric it is applied only to the right side. The sales people at the store should be able to tell you which is the right side, but if not, wash the fabric a few times and then use the side that looks the best as the right side. You can mark the wrong side with a large chalk X before you start your project...

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